Meet the teaching staff who are proud and honoured to be educating your children.


Mrs Amanda Turner Head Teacher

Mrs Nicola Lauchlan Deputy Head Teacher


Mrs K Ayres
 Foundation 1 Teacher


Miss A Cresswell Mrs Z Foldvari Mrs S Lowes Mrs R Roedel
Foundation 2  Teacher Foundation 2 Teacher & FS Team Leader  Foundation 2 Teacher Foundation 2 Teacher


Mrs N Lauchlan Mrs E Lawn Mrs P Linkens Mrs A McDonald
Year 1 Teacher & Deputy Head Year 1 Teacher Year 1 Teacher Year 1 Teacher


Mrs H Belas Mrs E Devos Mrs N Feeney Mrs S Gray Mrs C Massey
 Year 2 Teacher & KS1 Team Leader Year 2 Teacher Year 2 Teacher Year 2 Teacher Year 2 Teacher & SENCo


 Mrs J Brown Mrs R Roedel – LAC coordinator Mrs C Massey – SENCo
Music Teacher rroedel@shinfield.wokingham.sch.uk Senco@shinfield.wokingham.sch.uk


Please contact the SENCo directly via the email address above. If you would like to correspond with any other staff members, please email admin@shinfield.wokingham.sch.uk and put the name of the member of staff or if you know it, your child’s class name in the subject bar. This email will be forwarded on by our administration team.