Welcome to our school well-being page.

A feeling of positive emotional well-being contributes to a healthy lifestyle as much as exercise or a well-balanced diet. Understanding what constitutes good mental health and developing positive well-being supports children to recognise and acknowledge a range of emotions and to become resilient when faced with life’s challenges.

We hope you and your children will find the information, activities and resources helpful. Many of the suggested relaxation and mindfulness activities are ones that we use in school and are activities we know the children enjoy.


Mental well-being

Access a range of information about aspects of well-being including resilience, emotions and anxiety as well as ideas for self-care strategies.

   Self care strategies and ideas
   Parents’ Toolkit
   A collection of short films and activities
  Physical activity can boost mental well-being. Ideas to help get fit for free
   Helping your child with anxiety



Mindfulness and relaxation activities

Find out about mindfulness; use the links to explore a range of short video clips for breathing, yoga and meditation activities that we use in school.

   Activities from The Art Room


Help for families, children and young people

Contact details for our school-based Parent Support Advisor as well as links to a range of organisations and charities offering advice, support and information on mental health and well-being related issues.

Lisa Ward – Parent Support Advisor 

Provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

Family Lives vision is that families should have access to active support and understanding to build better lives together.

Whether you have anxiety, stress, anxiety-based depression or a phobia that’s affecting your daily life, we’re here to help you. And we’re fully supported by an expert team of medical advisors.

Advice and guidance for parents and carers to help them support a child or young person as well as support and self-care ideas for parents/ carers.

Are you a parent or carer who is concerned about the mental health of your child or teenager? Do you just want some hints and tips on parenting? MindEd for Families has advice and information from trusted experts and will help you to understand what problems occur, what you can do to best support your family, and how to take care of yourself.

Offers support and advice for children, young people and their parents or carers.

Bereavement and grief

The journey through bereavement and grief is different for everyone. Here are some links to support at the most difficult and exhausting of times.