School Activity Fund

During the school year many varied activities are offered to your child to enhance the curriculum and add to their enjoyment of school life. These activities are the highlight of many children’s memories of their time at this school.

 Some of the activities we have already completed include:

• Cooking and craft activities for all children (where items are brought home)
• Christmas parties for all children (Autumn term)
• ‘Beauty and the Beast’ presented by the excellent M&M Productions team
• Medieval Banquet for Year 2 with food and drinks (Autumn term)
• Drama and dance workshops for all year groups
• ZooLab animal visit for F2 (Spring term)
• Year 2 Trip to Winchester Planetarium (Autumn term)
• Food and activities for Healthy School Day in January for F2, Year 1 and Year 2
• Teddy Bears’ Picnic for Year 1
• F2 Trip to The Living Rainforest
• Feathers and Fur animal visit for Year 2
• Pirate Day for Year 1
• Year 1 trip to The Look Out Discovery Centre
• End of Year 2 Leavers party and disco

It is not possible to pay for all these out of our school budget, so we ask if parents would be willing to make a voluntary contribution towards the costs. A trip, for example, can cost at least £15 per child when admission fees, transport and insurance costs are added up. We have calculated the overall cost of the whole year’s activities to be £45, or £15 a term if preferred.