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Newsletter 10 Spring Term 2018

Newsletter 9 Spring Term 2018

Newsletter 8 Spring Term 2018

Newsletter 7 Spring Term 2018

Newsletter 6 Spring Term 2018

Newsletter 5 Spring Term 2018

Newsletter 4 Spring Term 2018

Newsletter 3 Spring Term 2018

Newsletter 2 Spring Term 2018

Newsletter 1 Spring Term 2018


Supplementary Letters

Social Media Communication for Parents Shinfield Infant and Nursery School March 2018

Parents' Questionnaire October 2017 Feedback to Parents

Library Easter events 2018

Sports Relief 2018

Easter Holiday Club

Spring term 2018 diary dates for parents updated 8.2.18

share-aware Internet safety leaflet

Reading Rockets Basketball camps February 2018

Shinfield Rangers Football Club

CAN 2018 Newsletter

Local Offer explained - January 2018

SwimExpert A5 Leaflet - Wokefield.compressed (1)

Spring term 2018 diary dates for parents updated 26.1.18

Libraries February Half Term Holiday

Information on seasonal flu for pupils and parents

Harry Potter Book Night Wokingham Libraries

shinfield Winter Flyer Dates

Writing Information Evening

Quiz posters

Spring term 2018 diary dates for parents

letter for parents - Spellings for Year 1

Protecting your child against flu leaflet

Easy read childhood nasal flu leaflet

Flu Catch Up Clinics Immunisation Team January 2018

Year 2 Curriculum news Spring 1 2018

Year 1 Curriculum news Spring 1 2018

F2 Curriculum news Spring 1 2018












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